Dolcenotte products can be purchased with zero-interest or subsidized interest loan – even without advance – with AGOS

The request for the finalized loan is subject to the approval of Agos Ducato S.p.A. Information for loan application and relevant  documentation are available in stores.

Financing purchase options:

  • Zero interest: amounts from e 300.00 to e 5,000.00, of up to 24 months.
  • Subsidized rate: amounts over e 5,000.00 and/or deferrals over 24 months.
    * Information in stores.

Promotional advertisement.

Up to 24 months – first installment in 30 days – amount that can be financed from e 300.00 to e 5,000.00. Representative example  referring to the most recurrent cases for the sector and relating to the observation period January-December 2020: e 2,000.00 (total  amount of credit) in 24 installments of e 83.33 – Fixed TAN 0% APR 3.21%. The APR represents the total cost of the credit expressed as  an annual percentage and includes: interest e 0, stamp duty on financing e 16.00 / stamp duty on annual and severance report e 2.00  (for amounts over e 77.47), monthly management fee e 2.00 – total amount due (total amount of credit + total cost of credit) e 2.065,92.  Offer valid until 31/12/2021.

Advertising message for promotional purposes. In order to manage your expenses in a responsible way and to know any other offers  available, Agos reminds you, before signing the contract, to read all the economic and contractual conditions by referring to the Basic  European Information on Consumer Credit (IEBCC ) at the point of sale. Unless approved by Agos Ducato spa for which T.S.C. srl operates as a non-exclusive credit intermediary

Agos Ducato Customer Service

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