Line Biometric

P182 - ROCKY

To fight tiredness and give strength and liveliness back to the body – what do you need? Clearly you need rest. And to rest well a mattress with a high level of resilience and support is ideal. Two layers, both of considerable thickness: high resilience Ergoplus HP in the base and medium support Ergoplus in the bearing surface.

A simple match, but extremely effective.

  • 9cm thickness, high resilience Ergoplus HP polyurethane supporting structure
  • 9cm thickness, medium support Ergoplus polyurethane upper layer
  • No-flip design


  • Finished mattress: 18/22 cm
Comfort 0
Support 0
Resilience 0
Firm support

Ergoplus polyurethane


Design No-Flip


Adjustable bedstead

Pillow TOP