Staying in bed isn’t just a pleasure

Dolcenotte mattresses are designed and produced with the greatest care and attention, bearing in mind at all times the ultimate goal of maximum physiological well-being during sleep. Comfort, hygiene and anatomy are the three essential conditions for a good bed system and they are also the three guiding principles of Dolcenotte’s research and production, which aim to offer you a truly restful and regenerating sleep. That’s why we choose materials and components of the best quality which can guarantee that their characteristics and special functions are maintained over a long period of time. Everything is minutely considered at the planning stage in order to supply products of a high qualitative level, from all points of view.

Sleeping, resting, dreaming … the bed is the thing which, more than any other in the house, is synonymous with pleasure and well-being. But without a quality mattress you enjoy neither the one nor the other. It’s well known these days and has been confirmed by numerous clinical trials that the quality of sleep is largely determined by the mattress on which you sleep; and that without adequate support this well-being which is enjoyed for the rest of the day is compromised. Mattresses have therefore become elaborate, technological and sophisticated: applied research carried out in the bedding industry has developed new, better materials and components for the bed system, which can considerably increase the comfort and quality of your rest. So choosing your own mattress is important, just as it’s essential to know how it’s made inside, which is where the well-being of sleep originates.



The hemmed mattress is the classic way to produce this item and has its origins in the tradition of craftsmanship, which have been made more functional and practical by the addition of handles and aerators or more innovative and sophisticated breathable textiles (where provided) to increase air recycling inside the product, to the benefit of both hygiene and comfort. The textiles tape edges, which colors have been chosen ad hoc for each cover, give the perimeter more side support, and therefore a wider bearing surface.

Removable cover

The removable outer cover is a must for those who put hygiene at the top of their reasons to choose a mattress. The easy and practical zips, which run along the perimeter of the mattress allow to remove the cover really easily and then washed as indicated in the labels applied on the product. Where provided, the 3Space breathable fabric central fascia gives an enhanced ventilation to the product inside, increasing hygiene, freshness and longevity.

Twin Set

Twin-Set is the All-In-One solution by Dolcenotte® for mattress covers. The classical hemmed finish is revised in a modern way with the addition of a practical zip close to the upper tape edge making the coverage removable, with the convenience to not removing the entire cover (so especially suggested for heavier products). Twin-Set comes standard with two interchangeable covers for the upper bearing surface, allowing the user to sleep on a mattress normally covered while washing and sanitizing the other cover just used (at the seasonal turn for instance)

Removable cover Pillow Top

The Pillow Top is a feature of unique comfort in the mattress and is another step forward in terms of practicality and convenience. Removable and washable, thanks to the practical zipper closure at the bottom, is placed easily on the mattress with elastic bands at corners that secure it firmly.