If treated with care and attention, your Dolcenotte mattress will maintain optimal quality and performance for longer over time.
For all types of mattresses (spring, latex and foam) and pillow tops, it is good practice:

  • Periodically rotate and overturn the mattress: we recommend head-toe rotation every 3 months and overturning every 6 months.
  • Before making the bed, leave the mattress uncovered so it can release the moisture accumulated during the night, then ventilate the room frequently and for short periods.
  • Use a mattress cover placed between the mattress and the undersheet to protect the product from dust and stains.
  • Always keep the mattress in a horizontal position – even for any handling – in order to avoid shortening and / or changes to the size and shape of the product
  • (slat bedsteads) Periodically check slats status in the most stressed areas. In case of loss of curvature, or in extreme cases convexity, ask for  its replacement to avoid damages to the mattress (sinking, wornings, etc.)
  • (double size bedsteads) Periodically check that the central spar in straight with no convexity. If so, bedstead replacement is recommended.

Use of handles
We recommend paying particular attention to the use of the handles, if equipped. Please note that these elements are applied to the product by sewing, so they can be subject to breaking in case of strong tugs or if put under excessive load or tension.
Therefore, use the handles only if you need to adjust the position of the mattress on the bed; any other type of product handling through them is strongly discouraged. Use of handles different from the suggested one, which will result in breaking or damages to any part of the mattress, will  be considered improper use of the product.

Cleaning (fix mattresses)
Gently brush when cleaning. In case of stains, contact your local dealer or professional laundry before attempting stains removal.

Washing instructions (removable cover mattresses)
Check the drum capacity of your washing machine in order to avoid the mattress cover to be forced in, so any damages while washing. otherwise, we recommend to contact a professional laundry or laundromats with bigger capacities washing machines.
When washing, make sure to:

  • Strictly follow the washing instructions on the label;
  • Always use liquid detergent, delicate and in small quantities;
  • Centrifuge at 800/1000 rpm;
  • At the end of the cycle, remove items carefully;
  • Do not wring or twist the mattress cover;
  • Dry the mattress cover keeping it stretched, without hanging nor exposing it to direct sunlight or direct heat sources;
  • During drying, gently shake and beat the padding to improve its drying and spread the fibers.

Mold prevention
The occurrence of mold on the mattress is usually due to poor ventilation of the product and the room and in general to excessive humidity in the environment in which it is placed.
To prevent and exclude this problem it is recommended to:

  • Respect the care and maintenance rules about rotation, overturning and ventilation of the product;
  • Air the room where the product is placed rather in the morning, after waking up;
  • Use 100% natural bed linen, which is lighter and more breathable;
  • Use a mattress cover for a better moisture absorption and product protection; moreover, it is an item of easier maintenance;
  • Pay more attention to the aeration and drying of the product in the hottest and most humid periods of the year, if excessive sweating occurs  during sleep or in the event of accidental pouring of liquids. In this case, check the drying state of the product both of the external cover and of the internal parts;
  • Maintain adequate relative humidity in the bedroom.

Pilling consists in the formation of superficial “fluff” on the covering fabric (especially if “knit”) and is caused by the rubbing of the various textile  elements during the use of the product. Pilling can be limited by using a smooth, soft mattress cover and/or proper bed linen. We therefore  recommend the use of 100% natural bed linen, possibly in cotton with high TC (thread count). Avoid bed linen made of polyester or other  synthetic fibers which, besides being less hygienic, actually aggravates the formation of pilling due to its roughness. However, minimal pilling  caused by normal use of the product can occur.

Useful tips

  • DO NOT fold, roll and/or tightly tie the mattress;
  • Avoid blunt blows, eg. jumping on the mattress;
  • Keep the mattress away from heat sources or open flames;
  • Keep the mattress away from sharp surfaces;
  • Do not expose the mattress, or parts of it, to direct sunlight repeatedly;
  • Do not tamper the sewings;
  • Do not remove the labels applied to the product;
  • Do not use harsh stain removers or chemical solvents for product cleaning;
  • (removable covers mattresses) Strictly follow washing and drying instructions as indicted on labeling;
  • Do not use high-power vacuum cleaners;
  • Do not pour liquids on the mattress;
  • Use the mattress with a slatted bedstead or other support that allows correct air recycling under the product;
  • Do not use metal mesh bedsteads;
  • Keep the environment where the mattress is used healthy and clean;
  • Do not use the mattress in damp or wet environments;
  • Do not keep the mattress in the sealed packaging for a prolonged period of time;
  • Keep the packaging and/or other plastic components away from children;
  • Use the handles as indicated in the respective section;
  • Any operation on the product is strictly prohibited, unless expressly described here or authorized by the company.

Our staff and dealers are at your disposal for any needs.