Find out now how Dolcenotte quality was born

Dolcenotte mattresses are designed and produced with the greatest care and attention, bearing in mind at all times the ultimate goal of maximum physiological well-being during sleep. Comfort, hygiene and anatomy are the three essential conditions for a good bed system and they are also the three guiding principles of Dolcenotte’s research and production, which aims to offer you a truly restful and regenerating sleep.

That’s why we choose materials and components of the best quality which can guarantee that their characteristics and special functions are maintained over a long period of time, everything is minutely considered at the planning stage in order to supply products of a high qualitative level, from all points of view.


Discover the Dolcenotte mattresses materials


Copper has high thermal conductivity features and antibacterial properties, besides is an essential element for the human body. Ralic is an high-tech fabric, obtained matching natural fibers such as cotton and linen, which help keeping the product fresh and breathable, with pure copper, which is able to inhibit bacterial proliferation and counter the onset of niff.


The combination between Bioactive fiber and heat-regulating capability of Coolmax® allows to have a fabric with high and permanent bioactive feature. This ensures a cool and relaxing rest which keeps away the onset of allergies thanks to antibacterial action of silver ions, which prevent the growth of bacteria by meeting the highest hygienic requirements.


A thick rich thread refined to the touch defines a bright and noble fabric, and a puffy and fluffy tactile feeling. The exclusive “Belle Époque” design gives even more personality to the product, matching harmoniously classical and modern.


This high-weight stretch fabric is simple and functional. Free of impurities and hypoallergenic, it’s the ideal solution to cover viscoelastic foam mattresses.


A high weight padded fabric which knows how to capture the looks thanks to the embossed mélanges finish, and characterized by an incredibly soft and rich hand.


Widely used in paediatrics, this special element made entirely of antiseptic material fits even in bedding applications, due to its high breathability, lightness, elasticity and non-deformability. Technically, Air Plus creates a volume of suspension which permits a considerable air exchange, ensuring the correct level of ventilation inside the product itself; at the same time, its fine resilience leaves unchanged the characteristics of ergonomics and comfort of the product when used as insert.


Cotton is a resistant, breathable and soft padding which brings together in harmony the qualities of natural fibre, thus adapting itself perfectly to the requirements of the body and environment. It's characterized by a high moisture absorption: liquids, such as sweat, are absorbed and passed outside where are dissipated by evaporation. Wear resistant, cotton features hollow fibers which form an interspace that has a thermal-insulating function: it avoids overheating in summer, while preventing heat dispersion in winter.

Pure New Wool

Wool is a natural fiber that has followed human being in its history. A thin and very resistant fiber which covers from cold and heat, maintaining a balanced body temperature, creating an ideal microclimate for a proper rest: an extraordinary quality that made wool the natural fiber traditionally more used in bedding. Pure new wool is distinguished by being a wool exclusively shorn in spring from live animals, made according to strict specifications and precise quality standards. The fiber appears rather elastic and resistant thanks to particular natural undulations, which define the so-called ``curls``, which allow to fibers to contain more air, giving the product the typical qualities of softness, warmth and hygroscopicity.

Allergy-resistant waddings

Polyester wool in flake form is used for allergy-resistant mattresses: a light, elastic, highly resistant fiber with a low coefficient of heat transmission and liquid absorption which, as a synthetic polymer, is not sufficient to enable bacteria, mould and microorganisms to develop.


Breeze® represents a new generation of viscoelastic polyurethanes owing to its outstanding breathability. Breeze® ’s open cell shape grants free air passage and quick moisture and heat evaporation: numerous laboratory tests prove it, with results up to six times higher than standard viscoelastic polyurethane! Moreover, the high resistance to ageing ensure long-lasting performances. The result? The ultimate feeling of well-being and deepest relaxation, Breeze® welcomes your sleep with natural freshness.

I-Foam® Silver

I-fo@m®introduces the use of microspheres in polyurethane foams. These apply particular active substances to materials, ensuring their effectiveness and longevity; a technology which can offer the ideal comfort and protection in any condition while sleeping. I-fo@m® Silver uses the bactericidal property of silver, which destroys micro-organisms and prevents them from re-growing, with no harmful effects on people. Antibacterial, anti-odour and with active antimicrobial function, silver is a natural, effective and above all a permanent hypoallergenic solution.

Memory Foam

Viscoelastic polyurethane foams surprising for their unique balance of support and softness. The unique comfort of this foam comes from the ability to model itself on the shape of the body thanks to the high thermal sensibility, it absorbs and distributes the body weight in a gradual, uniform and balanced way minimizing pressure points. The good breathability favors the dispersion of accumulated moisture, so it maintains an high level of comfort even in the most critical conditions of use.

Ergoplus Poliurethane foam

Advanced technological research has allowed the developing of special CFC-free polyurethanes realized with much more environmental-friendly production processes. These innovative materials are surprising on account of their exceptional lightness and texture, offering comfort sensations outside the box. Moreover, thanks to the excellent breathability, thermal comfort during sleep results greatly improved.

Ergoplus HP foam

Reliability and adaptability of use are further improved to create a polyurethane foam which is flexible, highly resilient, non-the-less comfortable, by using the latest generation of raw materials. Elasticity, breathability, high density and compressive strength: all the qualities of high-resilience foams dedicated to technically-advanced industries can be found in Ergoplus HP, the evolution of the kind.

Pocket springs

Pocket springs are the culmination of modern sleep culture. Springs are putted individually in a frame of non-woven fabric capsules, allowing them to work independently from the others, thus making the whole structure considerably more sensitive and precise to the weight and body pressure on the bearing surface. Springs are made with differentiated supporting areas by using springs of different diameters and sections, following the different parts of the body, to respond exactly to the weight that rests above so as to extend the possibilities of application as well as the range of support.

Biconical springs

Biconical spring systems represent the most traditional technology employed to produce mattresses nowadays, having as it does a long experience gained over decades of evolution. This is, therefore, the most used and widespread system owing to its simple, classic and inexpensive conception thanks to the spring overlapping double cone shape which ensures greater stability during compression.