What will you be dreaming about tonight?

…about being in a field surrounded only by air and nature, or walking through a city until the dawn, and seeing people a long way off in space and time…

Dreams become just fantastic when you sleep on a Dolcenotte mattress, because when your rest is wonderful, your whole life improves. Each day, you’ll be happy to know that you’re sleeping on the best you can have: Dolcenotte mattresses are made of quality, natural and guaranteed materials, to give you the well-being you need every night. Lay down with Dolcenotte.

Relax with 

The handicraft quality culture

Dolcenotte pays great attention to details and has indie made in its mission. Even today, production is guided by the principles of handicraft professionalism, work and experience, united in a careful selection of suppliers and materials employed, ensuring that the best results for quality and durability are obtained.

Dolcenotte nowadays offers products of a high level of quality owing to continuous development of its systems of working technology, which enable it to offer its clients products which are in the forefront of the industry and have ever-higher standards of quality. Efficient just-in-time production processes and an excellent distribution of resources in its production centers ensure that processing time are kept to the minimum necessary, deliveries are speedy and a high level of customer satisfaction is achieved.

Flexibility in production is the basis of the development of a wide range of products, just like in an artisan laboratory. It is precisely this adaptability which is one of the company’s characteristics most appreciated by its clients.

The company is staffed by a group of people who are young, motivated and attentive towards market trends and the latest production requirements of the furniture industry. Continuous updating of knowledge of the market and materials, in-depth studies of the new solutions, constant perfecting of production methods: all these lie at the heart of its success.